Dog Races

Overview – World Championship Dog Race

The 2019 World Championship Dog Race marks 79 years of dog races in The Pas. The big race consists of three laps of 35 miles per day with more than $52,000 in prize monies. Contestants attend from all over Canada and United States.

2015 represents the fourteen year of affiliation with the International Federation of Sled Dog Sports (IFSS World Cup). The World Cup Series is based on races from regions such as:

  • Central Europe
  • Baltic States
  • Yukon
  • Western and Eastern Canada
  • Western USA to Michigan
  • Japan

The World Cup includes approximately 30 events in 6 countries. Its primary mandate is to promote interest in sled dog sports by conducting international competitions and educating the public and its mushers of such competitions.

Overview – Jack McPhail Memorial 6 Dog Race

The Jack McPhail Memorial 6 Dog Race is a two day race which take place over the Thursday and Friday of Trappers Festival beginning at 10:30 am and covering 15 mile laps.

Mushers Briefing Banquet

This is an evening dedicated to a discussion on the rules and regulations for the registered mushers in the World Championship Dog Race. The evening includes:

  • Review of race route
  • Review of requirements and expectations
  • Introduction of the mushers

At the Briefing Banquet, all mushers will receive:

  • Bib numbers
  • Copies of the rules and regulations
  • Drug requirements and information on drug testing
  • Veterinary’s Report
  • Any questions will be answered

The Kinsmen Club of The Pas, who operate the race, will be recognized and the Dog Race Chairman & the Race Marshall will be introduced.

Registered mushers receive a complementary ticket for the dinner while members of the public may purchase tickets at Festival Headquarters.

Mushers Banquet

This is an evening dedicated to the presentation of awards and prizes. Trophies and cash prizes eill be distributed to each of the places. A list of prizes is available at Festival Headquarters.

An analysis of the race is undertaken with the mushers and recommendations for the next year as well as comments on this year are received.

A full meal is served. Registered mushers and winners receive a complementary ticket for this banquet. This event is open to the public and tickets are available at Festival Headquarters.

History of the Trappers’ Festival Dog Race

The Pas Dog Derby started in 1912 and continued until 1931. During the Depression and War years, the races were discontinued due to the economic and social pressures of the period.

In 1948, the Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival was incorporated and the dog races were once again held. Trappers’ Festival has been an annual event since with the dog races as an integral component and feature attraction.

2014 Dog Mushers Bios

2015 Dog Race Results