2018 Board of Directors

Sonny Lavallee
General Chair
sonnylavallee@msn.comHQ and Fort Setup
HQ Staffing
Opening Ceremonies
Family Ice Fishing
Smoked Fish/Meat
Helicopter Rides
Walking Poker Derby
Ice Worm/Weasel Contest
Sonny L
Angie Hay
Vice Chair
Sue Lambert
Finance Chair
suelamber@ksd.mb.caBeard Growing
Dignitaries Reception
Appreciation Night
Sue L
Lorrie Weldon
Vice Finance Chair
weldertp@hotmail.comLogger Events
Lorrie W
Jodie Kuhl
jlkuhl7@hotmail.comBeard Growing
Dignitaries Reception
Appreciation Night
Jodie K
Brea Andersonbreaanderson57@gmail.comBannock Slap HockeyBrea A
Dave AndersonDave A
Diane Buckdianebuck3@live.comKing TrapperDiane B
Chloe Dorioncdorion27@icloud.comPoster Art
Family Ice Fishing
Smoked Fish/Meat
Walking Poker Derby
Ice Worm/Weasel Contest
Chloe D
Claudette Garrowonlyclaudette@gmail.comTea and Fashion Show
Stage and Talent Show
Claudette G
Andy Gordaniermail@andygordanier.comLive StreamingAndy G
Emma Halpinehalpin345@gmail.comSnow/Ice Sculpture
Decorating Contest
Emma H
Evan Hrabowichhrabowichevan@gmail.comDog Race MarshalComing Soon!
Crystal Krostcrystalmorrish@hotmail.comSponsorship
Crystal K
Jordan Krostjordan@northlandford.mb.ca
Queen TrapperJordan K
Linda Kryschuklgk81@hotmail.com
Junior Queen TrapperLinda K
Mark Landels
Dog Chair
Dog RacesMark L
Linda McFarlandArts & Craft ShowLinda M
Doug McIvordmcivor@creenation.caJunior King TrapperDoug M
Terry McKellepterrymckellep@gmail.comStreet Dance
Seniors Show
Dignitaries Reception
Appreciation Night
Terry M
Lana Millerdexter9@mymts.netYouth Board
Family Fun
Scavenger Hunt
Lana M
Janis Preedygkelly@mymts.netTrappers BabyJanis P
Teresa Robertsteresaroberts317@gmail.comMarketing
Public Relations
Torchlight Parade
Teresa R
Linsi Sibakovescapenut@hotmail.comPub Crawl
Helicopter Rides
Linsi S
Lorie Stevensondeweystevenson@hotmail.comSenior Show
Pub Crawl
Lorie S
Krista Tooleykristaleetooley@gmail.comFur Queen
Champagne Brunch
Krista T