1st Princess 2017

Allyssa Reid


Hi there everyone and welcome to the 71st Trappers Festival!

My name is Allyssa Reid, and I am NMTF’s 2017 first princess. Last year, I was sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #19!

I’d like to start off thanking my sponsor of last year, Royal Canadian Legion, the trappers board for all their hard work throughout the years of this great festival, and to my friends and family who have loved and supported me through this journey. Also, another a big thank you to the community for giving me such a wonderful experience throughout my reining year!

I’m very excited to be in Trappers Festival again this year! During my reining year, I got to know more about the town and the people residing in it. I couldn’t have asked for a better year. I made new friends who I will always cherish and be connected to the festival with. My goal last year was to come out of my shell and try not to be as shy, Trappers has definitely helped me with that. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the experiences. I can’t wait to do Trappers for a second time and relive everything from last year.

I’m very excited to see so many girls running this year! I hope their experience is worthwhile and rewarding! I wish the best luck to them and hope they learn many things about Trappers and most importantly, have fun!

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