Miss Aseneskak Casino 2018

Vanessa Morach


Good day!

I am Miss Aseneskak Casino, Vanessa Morach. Born and raised in The Pas/ O.C.N. My parents are Catherine Bighetty and Walter Morach. I have 2 sisters one older and one younger named Samantha and Hannah. Also 3 younger brothers, Kristopher, Logan and Royal. Growing up I always cherished being around family and having little fun parties. Also going out to the lake to visit my grandparents where my parents both grew up.

I’m super excited to be running for The Fur Queen Trappers Festival 2018!

I will be the first candidate out of my family and I find that pretty cool. Although people I’ve known who had run before said it was a blast. 

I’m truly blessed to have this opportunity seeing I’ve been asked a couple times before. I told myself it was something I would like to do yet I didn’t imagine myself actually getting out there. It was always amazing to see everyone get together and participate.

 I especially loved seeing all the beautiful Fur Queens had I known I’d be taking part one year astounds me. 

Participating in this was not only to challenge myself with social skills but to make new experiences and to open up better doors. 

Meeting more friends and making unforgettable memories is what life should be about. 

In all things said I would like to wish everyone a cheerful winter with a wonderful year to follow! I want to just give thanks again to my sponsor Aseneskak Casino and to my family, friends and to those who’ve been helping me on this journey. 

Good luck to my other Fur Queens. 

It’s already so fun with all 9 of us! ♡

I believe this trappers will be a jolly one for the more the merrier & look forward to all the events.

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