Miss Missinippi Airways 2018

Cherilyn Muilenburg


Hello! My name is Cherilyn Rose Muilenburg and I am super excited to have the opportunity to represent Missinippi Airways as Miss Missinippi Airways in the 2018 Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival. Born and raised in The Pas, I have been able to experience the festival in many ways over the past 21 years. I have just accepted a position at Canadian Kraft Paper as a Purchaser.  I am enrolled in the Distance Education Business Administration program at Assiniboine Community College. Over my years in The Pas I have been able to perform around the community with my various talents; flute, piano, alto sax, fiddle, and of course dance.

When I was a little kid I told myself “the minute you are old enough you will run for Fur Queen”. I turned 18 and that didn’t happen! I have to admit that it was an unbelievably scary decision for me. I used to describe myself as a very shy and quiet human being with little confidence in myself. Over the last year personal development has played a huge factor in my life and I truly believe that running in this competition will add to and improve my overall confidence and ability to communicate. I also hope to meet and gain many new friends over the festival season.

Just a little fun bit about me. I aspire to continue to travel the world after I have married the man of my dreams, bought the house of my dreams, and started a cute little family. I have always been a numbers person and loved math in high school. Buy me chocolate and I will be one happy lady! I think I am hilarious, but all my jokes are equivalent to terrible dad jokes.

Finally, I would like to extend a huge thank you to my sponsor, Missinippi Airways. I am so excited to be able to plan fundraising events with some amazing people. 

I hope everyone has a fantabulous and safe Trappers’ Festival in 2018!

Missinippi Airways