Miss Northland Ford 2018

Andrea Moerike


Hello everyone and welcome to this year’s annual Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival!

My name is Andrea Moerike and I am extremely honored to represent Northland Ford in this year’s competition.

The extent of my Trappers’ Festival knowledge before this year is slim, but I figured the best way to learn about it would be to throw myself into the middle of it.

I was born & raised in Saskatchewan and have only lived in The Pas since 2012. I attended Margaret Barbour Collegiate Institute for all four years of high school, graduating in 2016. In high school I was involved with clubs, sports, tutoring, and anything I could do to volunteer my time.

Since graduation, I’ve continued my volunteering within the community by giving my time to local organizations. I’m very passionate about human & animal rights and I love giving back to my community in any way that I can.

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for the help and support that I have received from friends, family, past & current coworkers, The Pas Kinsmen & Kinette clubs, and even my fellow candidates & our reigning court over these past few months; I am truly blessed. I’m also super thankful for the ladies on our Fur Queen Committee: Amanda, Karen, Kristin, and especially Krista for everything she has done for me since the beginning of this competition and for always making sure that I am doing okay.

Finally, I’m happy to be running with such an excellent group of young women, I wish each of you the best of luck.