Chain Saw Events


This unique and fun competition has taken several forms over the years. In the 1970’s, it included pulp wood cutting and wood sawing and splitting. In the 1980’s, chainsaws were introduced and were split into 5 categories; 70cc and under, 70cc and over, modified, novelty event 70cc and under, and finally, novelty event 70cc and over. These cutting competitions were accompanied by the carving competition which is still held today.
In the 1990’s, the events changed to focus more on timed events without categorizing the chainsaws as all the competitors used the supplied chainsaws except in the modified category. The events included obstacle pole bucking, open speed cutting, precision cutting and modified speed cutting. In the 2000’s, we saw a change to the current speed cutting competition along with speed sawing and axe chopping.
Around 2010, we finally came to the format we use today. With men’s and women’s speed cutting and a carving event.
The winners of each category receive a chainsaw from Northland Leisure, who along with sponsors Hemauer Funeral Home, Extra Foods, Holmen Tree Service and Opasquia Times help put on a great event. In 2016, we saw 18 competitors in women’s speed cutting, 17 competitors in men’s speed cutting and 3 competitors in the carving competition, including the first female to ever compete. Look for this amazing event in 2017 on the Saturday afternoon during the Festival.
Director Lorrie Weldon is hoping for 20+ competitors in men’s and women’s speed cutting and AT LEAST 5 carving competitors. So please share this amazing event with all your friends.

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