Tommy Bird

DOB: 1960
Hometown: Southend, SK

Tommy has driven dogs all his life.  Until he was 15 years old, the family used dog sleds as the primary form of transportation.  At 9 years old Tommy would get wood, check traplines and do all his chores with his brothers and the dogs.   This even included have the dogs pull a canoe as they swam out to ice.

In 1981, snowmobiles arrived and dogs were no longer the primary source of transportation and Tommy began to race them instead.  Tommy has raced every distance from 3 to 300 miles, with anywhere from 3 to 18 dogs (open class).  He has raced as far east and south as Wyoming to west and north as Alaska.  He has travelled to races by truck, snowmobile, and even plane in remote locations.

All his kids raced from the time they were small, his late son Roy won the Pas junior race 3 times and missed out on a 4th by only 4 seconds.  His grandkids are racing now, with his frequent travel companion Blais being foremost at his races.

Tommy first ran in the Pas in 1987 and won the World Championship in 1998.  He currently has 30 running dogs in his kennel with 20 young dogs and 15 pups.  He trains all of them mainly on his own and hires no help, spending 4 to 8 hours a day in the dog yard.  Every summer he takes his dogs to his fish camp where he is a commercial fisherman.   When he can find free time he still keeps his families trapping tradition alive.

Tommy and his wife also run a gas station and store in Southend.  They have owned and operated for 30 years.

Tommy has been a leading advocate for trying to educate young people and keep the traditional way of life alive.   Fishing, trapping and running dogs are very important traditions that must be kept alive and showcased.


2017 World Championship Dog Races
Overall – 10th
Day 1 – 1st
Day 2 – 12th

2016 World Championship Dog Race
Overall – 2nd
Day 1 – 2nd
Day 2 – 2nd
Day 3 – 3rd

2014 World Championship Dog Race
Overall – 7th
Day 1 – 8th
Day 2 – 8th
day 3 – 9th

2013 World Championship Dog Race
Overall – 7th
Day 1 – 4th
Day 2 – 5th
Day 3 – 8th

2012 World Championship Dog Race
Overall – 7th
Day 1 – 3rd
Day 2 – 9th
Day 3 – 9th