Digital Scavenger Hunt


First Place:  A** Kickers
Second Place:  Brin, Roxanna & Kyle
Third Place:  Yaremko Gals (awaiting photo)

Photos submitted by Lana




2016 Digital Scavenger Hunt Winners

3rd 1st Place2015 Results                                                 2014 Results

1st Place – Hanna Madden                            1st Place – The Landels
2nd Place – Bryce Gamache                          2nd Place – The Marins
3rd Place – Geswin Family                             3rd Place – Rebecca Shingoose

2013 Results                                                2012 Results

1st Place – Hominick Family                          1st Place – Wilf Lamontangue
2nd Place – Tara Drake                                   2nd Place – Hanna Madden
3rd Place – Geswin Family                             3rd Place – Dobie Family

2010 Results                                                 2008 Results

1st Place – Gordon Kelly                               1st Place – Tracy, Terry, Nolan Hatch
2nd Place – Perry Nikolychuk                        2nd Place – Krystle & Sandra Paskarak
3rd Place -Halie Morden & Jayme Newman 3rd Place – Gordon Kelly