Tough Topics for Fur Queen Candidates

Another pageant has come and gone and all one can respond is WOW!!! There will be more pictures to come.

These young ladies have put their hearts and souls out there for all to see (and hear).

They were instructed to speak on a topic they were passionate about and it was clear that there was true passion. There were tears and pauses during the speeches to prove it. The bravery and courage that they showed standing on the stage in front of many strangers was inspiring. 

As well as a speech they perform a talent. The audience was graced with traditional dance and some angelic voices, as well they were entertained with karate, singing and dancing youth and a glowing individual. It truly was an enjoyable evening. If you weren’t able to make it you should put it on your list for 2019.

When asked for a comment from the committee this was what they had to say:

We are all so incredibly proud of each and every one of you girls. The courage it takes to get up on that stage and share your very personal experiences as well as sharing all of your amazingly unique talents, speaks volumes about the amazing young ladies that you are. You are all such great role models and ambassadors for not only Trappers Festival but all of our Tri-communities. Regardless of Saturday’s outcome, we hope you take your experiences, friendships and growth and carry it with you always as you move forward in your lives. We are confident you are all going to do great things in the future! It’s your time to shine!

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