Blog #4 – March 27/16 Buddy Streeper 2016 WCDR Champion

Hello, Buddy Streeper here for Fort Nelson BC.

Its been a busy month since trappers 2016, as we continued on the race circuit, and went to Cross Lake MB, the weekend following racing at Trappers. It was a good race, and well attended, the dogs did great and were on fire on the last day, I won the overall event, for my 4th straight win in Cross Lake. Once the race was over we loaded up the truck and trailer, and pointed west, for a 2 day drive to our home in Fort Nelson BC. it had been 2 months since we left in January, and boy was I excited to see my family. It was great to be home worth the kids, and I quickly fell back into the role of “daddy.” Both of my daughters are busy with activities, so we went to hockey practise, dance recitals, Karate competition and swimming lessons. Its great to see how much they love to do different things.

We gave the dogs a few days of rest before, my family and I all headed north to Fairbanks Alaska, for the Open North American. We entered 2 teams, with my wife Lina racing, and myself. As they did all year, the dogs were awesome , and I finished 1st, to remain undefeatedfed since Trappers 2015. This was my 4th win in Fairbanks, and I was very proud of my wife, who finished in 3rd place after 3 days of racing.

We got back from Fairbanks on Wednesday, and now we are busy preparing for the 54th annual Canadian OPEN Championship. This race is in my hometown, and my family and friends are the organizers of this event for the last 40 years, I hope everyone has a great spring, and are enjoying the warmer weather!!

Take Care and see you down the trail.

Buddy Streeper- 2016 Trappers World Champion Dog Musher.

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