Hello and welcome to the 70 th Annual Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival. My name is Mary

Sayese and I am your 2016 reining 1 st Princess. I would like to start off by thanking my sponsor

again, Opaskwayak Cree Nation, my family and friends for their undying support, love and help

through my journey. I am grateful to have another of opportunities and year to experience

Trappers’ Festival a second time. I am excited to see another group of girls display their talent

and compete for Fur Queen 2017. I hope they enjoy the experience as much as I did. During

Trappers I discovered that I had the confidence I didn’t know I had. My reining year as 1 st

Princess was rewarding, I was seen throughout the community as a role model for the younger

girls, I made lifelong friends and memories I will cherish for years to come. I thank Trappers’

Festival for this exciting chapter in my life, being able to attend and see all the events our

community puts on and believing in me to represent this event.

Good luck to the candidates! I hope you ladies enjoy this opportunity as much as I did.

Remember to take as many pictures as possible and make new friends. I would also like to

thank the hard workers and planners of Trappers’ Festival and I would like to welcome

dignitaries and visitors from communities near and far.

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