Hello everyone!

My name is Jordan Arnold and I am NMTF's 2016 2nd Princess! I was sponsored by my

workplace, Clearwater Dental.

I am super excited to be celebrating yet another Trapper's Festival with all of you! Last year

when I decided to break out of my shell and run for Fur Queen I was very nervous, but I am so

glad I did it because I have made so many new friends and the experience was unforgettable.

To make the experience even more surreal, this year I am joined by a plus one. As many of you

will soon see, I am expecting my own little queen/trapper!

This Trapper's Festival I'm looking forward to helping out the ladies running for fur queen. I

never realized just how nerve wracking and difficult it really is to approach strangers in an

attempt to raise money for such a huge event, so I'm hoping that this year's ladies find guidance

in any advice that I give.

During my reigning as the 2nd Princess, I've been busy with the rest of the court making special

appearances at events such as the Canada Day Parade, The Pas Street Festival, and the opening

OID Celebration over the summer, which was the first that I've had the opportunity to attend.

Running for fur queen was something I wanted to experience because I saw myself as a very shy

person. I wanted to get out in the community and make a difference in the short time we had

before Trapper’s Festival. Once I was crowned as 2 nd Princess, I was truly shocked but extremely

excited because I knew my hard work had really paid off. It was an amazing four months that I

spent with the other contestants and those are friendships that I will always hang onto. Being

given the opportunity to be a face of our community and freely take part in yet another Trapper’s

Festival made the experience more exciting for me. It’s an experience I hope my daughters will

have the chance to experience in the future.

Due to the cold weather last year, I didn’t get the chance to publically thank everyone who

helped me out in a big way during the competition. So in short, I would like to thank my boss

who sponsored me and gave me all the time off work that I needed, my family and friends for

supporting me the whole way through, my mom and grandmother for helping me with all of my

fundraising during the competition, my sister Renee who was 2015’s 2 nd Princess, for guiding me

when I was nervous, my instructors who gave me the week off of school, bought tickets from me

and helped me create my Trapper’s Festival float, and everybody else in the community who

believed in me and bought so many tickets and cash calendars from me. Without literally all of

you, there is no way I would have succeeded as well as I did.

I would like to end by saying good luck to everyone who is competing in this year’s Trapper’s

Festival, and especially good luck to the girls running for 2017 Fur Queen. I am so excited to be

experiencing this yet again with another group of amazing ladies. I know you will all give your

best and I can’t wait to see what you have to offer to our community.

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