Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our 70th annual Trappers Festival! I am so excited to be a part of the festivities this year as Miss Funky Threadz. My name is Haylee Christine Jeanne-Marie Fouillard, born in The Pas, Manitoba raised by my parents Joel Fouillard and late mother Heidi Fouillard.

I moved to Brandon, MB at age 16 involving myself in sports such as rugby, at age 18 I moved to Thompson, MB and graduated from RD Parker. Just recently at 21 I’ve moved back home and am currently working at Tri Family Health which I enjoy very much. I am passionate about working with children and aspire to get a degree in Education. Some of my other passions include bringing awareness to suicide prevention within our community.

As a child I was very involved in Trappers Festival at school and with my parents. My mom would always take me and my siblings to the pancake breakfast & to check out the dog sleds. At school we would do things like moose call, goose call, ice worm search, jigging, leg wrestling & eat pancakes of course. We would do the drawing contest every year in class and I would always draw the Fur Queens. I have been thinking about this competition since I was little. I am thrilled to get involved in the Festival events leading up to and during Trappers to see all the smiling faces come out and enjoy what our 70th year has to offer.

I chose my sponsor Funky Threadz because it is a business that has supported myself and many youth in the community throughout the years. Another very important reason in the deciding of my sponsor is the overwhelming feeling of jubilance upon entering the establishment, not to mention the owner and staffs’ astonishing ability to give myself as well as others a sense of complete comfort and belonging. They are always going the extra mile to ensure that our youth grow up in a positively recreational community. So thank you to Funky Threadz for allowing me to be a part of your funk family for this competition.

I am incredibly stoked to see you all out there celebrating the kings and queens in 2017!

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