Hello everyone,

It almost feels as if it was just yesterday that the 2016 reigning court was crowned. So much

time has passed between then and now that I wouldn’t even know where to begin speaking about the

experiences Jordan, Mary and I have been through. This reigning year has been so wonderful to us, and

if I could relive every memory I have, I would without a second thought!

I would like to take the time to thank everyone who has made this possible. First I would like to

thank the NMTF board for putting on a fantastic festival every year. Our community wouldn’t have this

awesome festival without your hard work and dedication. My sponsor, Northland Ford, was so

wonderful to me throughout my running. There isn’t enough thanks in the world to show my

appreciation for Keith and his team, you’ve all be so amazing. My parents, Rick and Arlene Moore, have

been so supportive with their kind words of encouragement that kept my eye on the horizon. My

manager and “mother-in- law”, Margaret Ross, was on my side every step of the way. She was a

phenomenal manager who believed in every goal I had and helped me conquer them. These individuals,

plus countless friends, family, and strangers have helped me during my running. Thank you everyone! I

wouldn’t be here today without any of you.

Knowing that I’ll be saying goodbye this upcoming Trappers Festival is a bittersweet feeling. I

can't wait to make more memories and proudly watch this year’s candidates put their best efforts

forward. Please support these hard working women if you see them out fundraising. They are all trying

their best in this competition and we as a community should be proud of these beautiful, strong ladies. I

would also like to remind the girls that this experience is what you make and give. You will get as much

as you put in, so make a lot of good memories while you can! You’ll be surprised just how fast this all

comes and goes, enjoy every minute you’re given. Remember to cherish each other and be kind as you

will become sisters and life-long friends.

I look forward to attending the 2017 Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival. Welcome everyone!

Whether you have lived here your whole life or are from out of town- we welcome all of you! Be sure to

keep an eye out for the Fur Queens, we would love to meet all those that come our way.

Your 2016 NMTF Fur Queen,

Harley Moore

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