I am Miss Royal Canadian Legion, Allyssa Reid. I’m 24 years old, born in The Pas. I’ve lived in many

places, but always found my way back to my hometown. My parents are Gwen Reid, and Bernard

Kobelsky. I have two younger siblings, Cory Reid and Samantha Kobelsky. Ever since I was child, I loved

electronics and found myself working with coding, and wondering how a computer works. I hope one

day to have a career where I can work with computers, and make websites!

I’m very excited to be running for Fur Queen for the Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival 2017! I know

someone who ran last year, and I was told it was such an amazing experience. My family and friends

encouraged me to run. After getting the support, I decided it would be wonderful to participate! When I

was young; my family and I would go watch the parade. I remember being so excited, and tried to catch

a lot of candy as much as my pockets would let me. The best part for me was after the parade. We

would make our way down to the river, go for the hot chocolate and watch the bonfire. As the years

went by, if I wasn’t residing in the Pas, I always found myself thinking of the Trappers Festival when

February came around. I always tried to come back for the festival!

Another reason for wanting to run was to help build my self confidence. I want to get out more in the

community, and meet new people! So far, I can tell already that I’m not as shy anymore! If you see me,

please don’t hesitate to come up and say hello!

I would love to thank the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #19 for sponsoring me. I would also like to thank

my friends and family, Trappers Festival, and everyone I’ve met so far for their support. I would also like

to say good luck to the other girls! I can’t wait to get to know you all more! This is going to be an exciting

experience! I look forward to Trappers week!

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